August 11, 2011


On this Saturday, the 13th August, I will be running comic book strip workshops in the Pop Up Gallery in Chatham. Whether you have never drawn in your entire life, or you do it everyday, feel free to join! The workshop is all about getting started in the basics of building up a dynamic comic book page/strip, creating cool characters, and most of all - finding your own style. If you have been drawing (a lot) before, this is an opportunity to practice on something specific, like sound-effects or angles, and just have fun!

The first workshop starts at 11am and goes on until 1.30pm.
The second workshop is from 2pm to 4.30pm.

They are only 5 pounds each (most of the workshops are ten pounds) and all you have to bring is creativity. And your own markers if you like, but they will be provided.

To book, simply call 0755 1037 695 or email
Any questions, feel free to pop me an email at I won't bite.

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