October 7, 2011


Long time, no update. This however does not mean that I haven't been doing anything, but quite the opposite. It's been three years since I spent an autumn in Finland, and I have to say; it's nice to be reminded of how charming my home country can be, in it's own... special way.

Being surrounded by art and artists of all kind, both at work and spare time, has definitely added to this inspiration boom I'm experiencing. A lot of people seem to be gathering food and getting ready to hide from the winter. I am painting, drawing, sculpting, dressing up and taking pictures like there is no tomorrow. So now you know where I'm hiding.

And here is a pic from a Finland inspired project; Roadkill. Yes, I was running around the forest dressed as a rabbit. And a deer, of course. And I don't think it needs explanation, at least to anyone who's ever driven a car in Scandinavia.

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