September 6, 2012


New art studies have begun, with a marvellous kick start at the dOCUMENTA (13) Kassel, Germany. After a bit of a break this overdose of contemporary art (good...and bad) gave me a nasty flu and continuing headache. I suppose I will grow immune again, once I get into it.

With my amazing 3 euro disposable camera, I took an image from one of my favourite pieces in the documenta, by Adrian Villar Rojas. I also took a picture of my favourite place during the visit. The Necro-Polis, burial ground for artists. In the middle of the woods. There was a lot of walking that day, and some true potential for an amazing B-horror movie. Unfortunately we all got back alive.

Instead of uploading two semi-boring, bad quality pictures - I decided to photoshop these two places together.

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Doug Walker said...

Nice and amazing artwork. Loving this kinda of work.