September 21, 2013


Boom! goes the tropical thunder storm building up somewhere outside my door. I arrived for my 5 week artist residency in Benin about a week ago, and I still haven't quite landed. Villa Karo is a Finno-African cultural centre in the village of Grand Popo, and it has been called a ”paradise” countless of times by the visiting artists. The colours, the smells, the sounds, the everything, well – it's West Africa!

Internet is basically non-existent, so there will be no frequent awesome picture loaded updates (took about 25min to open blogger). But for the artsy fartsy part: I started building a tail out of a palm leaf today. The looks I got from the locals when I carried this massive thing around made me curious as to how they will react to my dress-up games...
When it comes to masking I don't think I'll have to worry too much about the fact that I forgot to bring my masking glue. The tape I brought for drawing has suffered a complete melt-down, so it practically works as a random lump that pretty much sticks to everything and anything. Wish me luck.

P.S. For more suitable reading material I put Confessions of a Sociopath to the side and opened up J├Ârgen Bitschs' story from 1951, of how he travelled from Denmark to South Africa by motorcycle (!). Needless to say, I recommend both of them.

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