November 25, 2013

the wild moose chase

The story of the piece I've made this weekend is surprisingly long. The shortest version would perhaps start with a phone call I received last friday. The phone call that made me go on a wild moose chase. And that would be surprisingly literally speaking.
But with a very successful photo shoot behind me, I am once again reminded of why I (sometimes) enjoy what I do. When there is a very specific image in my head, I will go very uncomfortable lengths in order to realise it. So when that image suddenly physically exists, and exactly how it was supposed to. Well, that's a pretty awesome feeling. 

My MA show will happen next year this time. And if I continue at this rate, it looks like it's going to be filled with some crazy shit. Pardon my french. No real surprise there though.

The moose will also be there, but until then: here's a slightly more glamourous sneak peek of the cow in question.